Story is a curious communication & PR agency with expertise in consumer brands and FMCG and extra passionate about responsible companies within food, beverage and health.

We are a one-stop shop for communication in Stockholm, Sweden, with talent in PR, digital communication, content production and visual communication. Our services stretch from brand strategies and awareness campaigns, to product launches, influencer relations, digital strategies, events and personal PR. We work with an array of clients ranging from multinational corporations to local startups. The common denominator is that we choose to work with brands that we believe are contributing positively to the world we are living in.

Our strength lies in our ability to look at each task with optimism. We strive to solve. We do so by knowing our clients' audience and business landscapes, as well as challenging the notion of “we have always done it like this”, in order to offer a fresh point of view. Our clients are our partners, and we co-create with them. It’s in such collaborative processes that great communication is born.

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