Story has worked with Annas Pepparkakor (Anna’s Swedish Thins) for several years. In 2017 Story was assigned to support the launch of the annual Limited Edition, Liquorice. The aim was to get clippings in relevant media, drive sales and increase interest for future Limited Editions.


Annas Pepparkakor is a classic Swedish brand, established in 1929, and to many a given part of the Christmas season. People tend to hold on to their Christmas classics, but are curious to try new twists and add new elements. 2017 was the fourth year of a Limited Edition flavour and a curiosity about this year’s flavour had started to grow before the launch. To leverage this interest and maximize media coverage we worked with a range of communication tools.

After a thorough research and brainstorming phase, including comprehensive analysis of previous years’ activities and results, we decided to team up with food blogger, photographer and influencer Agnes Gällhagen (‘Cashew Kitchen’) who created a recipe with Anna’s Limited Edition Liquorice as a basis. Agnes has a visual expression that fits the Annas Pepparkakor brand perfectly and her target audience rhymes well with that of Annas Pepparkakor. The recipe and photos were published in Agnes’ own social media channels, but also used in the extensive media outreach performed by Story. In addition, an inspiring liquorice themed basket was sent out to a number of carefully selected influencers.


During peak season Anna’s Limited Edition Liquorice received great coverage in both printed magazines and online, with a doubling of clippings in relevant media such as ELLE Mat & Vin, Femina, Tara, ELLE and Allt om Mat, compared to the previous year. Anna’s Limited Edition was frequently mentioned in various social media channels with a positive tonality, and we could see discussions about next year’s Limited Edition already starting to spread. All activities combined resulted in a 535% ROI.