CancerRehabFonden is a non-profit organization offering free rehabilitation and support for cancer patients of all ages. CancerRehabFonden is independent from all other organizations and receive no government contributions, which means they are fully dependent on donations from individuals, companies and foundations.

Story Relations was assigned to create a campaign with the aim to increase brand awareness and put focus on the organizations important work of rehabilitation for cancer patients. 



1 in 3 people will develop cancer during their lifetime, and close to half a million people living in Sweden have once received a cancer diagnosis. Every year approx. 60 000 people receive a diagnosis - one each ten minutes.

Suffering from cancer means not only physical, but also major mental strain. After a cancerous disease, many people experience anxiety and a fear of relapse. It could be hard to return to work and to the daily life. Rehabilitation can help cancer patients to recover both physically and mentally. In Sweden, healthcare resources aren't enough to cover rehabilitation. Only a minor part of all sufferers of cancer are provided rehabilitation through the healthcare system. 

Story Relations created a campaign, using large influencers within different segments, who personally and visually stated how many people they know who had suffered from cancer - using their fingers on one or both hands. With every picture a personal story followed a description of the RFS´s work and an encouragement aimed at the followers to donate.



Among the influencers carrying out the campaign in their social channels were Sarah Sjöström, Lisa Ajax, Kristin Kaspersen and Mikael Tellqvist. The campaign reached a total of 2 million people and ended in a significant contribution to the organization. All influencers as well as Story Relations worked pro-bono.