Belgian Lotus Bakeries assigned Story to launch their world famous biscuit Lotus Biscoff in Sweden, with PR as the only marketing tool. The goal was to drive sales and brand awareness

Insights & Activities

Swedes love coffee and drink approx. 3 cups per day and Lotus Biscoff's brand position is to be a natural coffee companion. So we saw potential to establish Lotus Biscoff as the perfect biscuit during Swedish coffee breaks using storytelling. To create a preference for the brand, we used trial as the engine of our activities - we knew that if we can get people to try the biscuit, they would most likely come to love its unique taste. 

Our activities consisted of an extensive media outreach as well as proactive influencer relations. In addition, to drive trial and create positive associations, we collaborated with a famous coffee brand and participated in a "coffee & biscuit summer van", which toured around Sweden sampling coffee and Lotus Biscoff to consumers.


Using only PR, we managed to create an interest for Lotus Biscoff. Throughout the project, over 28 000 people engaged with and tried Lotus Biscoff. As a result of the launch success, our client highlighted Story’s PR work as “best practise” in their European headquarters.