In 2013, Michelin, global tire manufacturer and one of the top 5 most liked brands in Sweden*, asked Story to activate their social media presence. The aim: to build a stronger relationship with customers and create a Facebook platform for fans to engage with the brand.

Insights & Activities

Our starting point was to get to know Michelin’s audience and create a strong strategy. Together with our client we established the main W’s: Who are they engaging with, what do they want to achieve and most importantly, why? This helped us develop the right tonality and messaging, which we combined with continuous evaluation and knowledge of updates in Facebook’s functions, to create a clear tone-of- voice and reason to be. In addition to the strategy, Story is also responsible for production of all content, day-to-day community management, as well as advertising.


Focusing on a genuine understanding of the target group and continuous evaluation, Michelin’s Facebook presence has evolved into a great platform for dialogue and engagement with their fans. Quality content and high engagement has been more important than a large number of followers; nevertheless, the number of followers has steadily grown each year by 250 % (compound annual growth rate). 
We continue to collaborate successfully with Michelin today.

*YouGov Brand Index 2016