Europe’s leading snoring relief brand, Snoreeze, assigned Story to support their entry on the Swedish market with PR and marketing, aiming to drive sales and secure pharmacy listings.

Insights & Activities

Snoring is surrounded by a general stigma and assumption that it is “middle-aged men who snore”. To move away from this, the goal has been to create wide-spread visibility on snoring and educating consumers on how common it is, the various causes for snoring, the negative effects it can have on health and how the problem can be alleviated.

Story has worked with a wide combination of communication tools ranging from PR surveys and media relations, to creation of print and online advertising, as well as retail activation in pharmacies to increase trial and interaction.


In the first six months, sales were 40 % higher than our client’s sales goal and 18 months into the collaboration, Snoreeze gained 41 % market share of the snoring relief category in Sweden. We continue to successfully work with Snoreeze today.