In 2014, Europe’s leading snoring relief brand, Snoreeze, assigned Story to support their entry on the Swedish market with long-term marketing & PR, aiming to secure pharmacy listings and drive sales.


Snoring is surrounded by a general stigma as well a low level of knowledge as to what causes snoring and how to alleviate it. The goal of the collaboration has therefore been two-fold; firstly, it aims to build and increase awareness of the Snoreeze brand. Secondly, marketing efforts also aim to increase knowledge and inform consumers on how common snoring actually is, the various causes for snoring, the effects it can have on health, and how to alleviate the problem.

Story has worked with a wide combination of communication tools ranging from PR and media relations, to consumers surveys and focus groups, as well as print and digital advertising, social media management, content production, retail activation and supporting Snoreeze's present at pharmacy trade fairs.


In the first six months of the collaboration, we had surpassed the full-year sales goals by 40 %.

Since entering the market, Snoreeze has continually grown and increased market shares, and is currently the market leader in the snoring relief category in Sweden. 

We continue to successfully work with Snoreeze today. This is how our client describes our collaboration:

“Passion for Life Healthcare have been working with Story Relations for 4 years and in this time I have found Story to be an extremely professional agency in terms of their advice , insight and implementation of support activities in Sweden. But more so than this , I appreciate how we work as a partnership together in making decisions on activity in their local market. With Story guiding us on brand development over the period of 4 years, Snoreeze has gone from zero to outstanding market leader with over 50% market share in the Snoring category in Sweden” (July, 2018)
- Oliver Adnan, International Business Development Manager, Passion for Life Healthcare